Wednesday, October 10, 2012

DRESSES - October Collection

DRS01- Denim Studded Dress RM79

DRS02- Denim Studded Dress RM79

DRS03- Givenchy Inspired Dress RM69

DRS04- Tribal Dress RM59

DRS05- Tribal Dress RM59

DRS06- Geometry Dress Freesize RM69

DRS07- Geometry Dress Freesize RM69

DRS08- Floral printed Dress RM79

DRS09- Floral Printed Dress RM79 SOLD OUT

DRS10- Geometry Dress with full zip at the back RM69

DRS11- Studded Dress RM79

DRS12- Cocktail Dress in Orange RM99

DRS13- Cocktail Dress in Green RM99

DRS14- Cocktail Dress in Cream RM99

DRS15- Cocktail Dress in Black RM99

DRS16- Toga Dress with shoulder patches RM89

DRS17- Toga Dress with patches RM89

DRS18- Knee length Toga Dress with patches. Available in Black, Brown RM99

DRS19- Long sleeves Casual Dress available in Beige,Purple, Blue RM79

DRS20- Long sleeves Casual Dress RM79

DRS21- Sassy Dress RM129

DRS22- Shirt & pants RM109

DRS23- Plain dress available in Red, Blue, Green, Black RM79

DRS24- Studded Dress in Royal Blue RM79 SOLD OUT

DRS25- Two-tone Short Dress RM129

DRS26- Two-tone Dress RM129

DRS27- RM79


DRS29- RM109

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